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Giving Teenagers Semi-Controlled Freedom on Prom Night

Prom night brings plenty of worries. Teenage boyfriends with teenage girlfriends are actually now at the bottom of the list for the worries parents have about prom night now. All parents fear their children experimenting with alcohol or even worse substances. Probably the biggest fear is prom night kids being involved in an automobile accident. They do not have to be drinking for it to happen. Texting and goofing around are distractions too. We bypassed the need for our daughter and boyfriend needing to drive on prom night by getting a limo at http://www.starnightlimousine.ca/mississauga.html. Continue reading

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Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block

Rolls Royce Personalization in the Goodwood Plant, UKIt’s a terrible thing to go through writer’s block. Every writer I know has gone through it, and it never gets any easier. It feels like you will never write again and you feel insanely jealous of anyone who ever finished a book. I had writer’s block earlier this week, and while I couldn’t write a word I was able to surf the internet to my heart’s content. I compiled a list of what can cure writer’s block; here are the things that worked for me this time.

First, try turning your work on its ear. If you are writing a mystery, put your characters into a romance. If you are writing a romance, place your heroine in a horror story. Don’t be serious about it; have a lot of fun with it. By switching gear, you might spark some new ideas. Continue reading

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Why Do I Want to Be an Author?

Sometimes it seems as if everyone is trying to write a novel these days. Whenever I go to a coffee shop, I see many people typing away on their laptops, trying to get their thoughts down on paper. Every week, many new novels and collections of short stories are published, and sometimes it can seem as if there is no point in adding yet another book to this endless flood. Nevertheless, I still persevere in my attempts to become a published author. Why do I keep working at this? Many people have asked me this question over the years, and I have tried to answer it as clearly as I can.

The most basic reason that I continue to write is simply that I do not feel as if I have a choice. Writing is not just something that I do for fun or when I am bored. Instead, it is at times almost a compulsion. Continue reading

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