My Wife and Family Mean the World to Me

While I have always loved my wife, I think that I took advantage of how good she is to me for far too long. Yes, I needed to work really hard to support the us and our three children. But when I almost lost her to cancer, I realized that all the fine things we can buy due to my hard work are something that we don’t need as much as we need her. I began writing love poems for her and doing other nice things for her during her cancer treatment to show her how much she is appreciated and loved.

When I first began bringing home flowers, handing my wife a new poem that I had written for her and doing other things that she wasn’t used to, it made her a little sad because she said it made her think that she wouldn’t be around much longer. But I pointed out that she needed to get used to it because she was going to make it through treatment just fine and that I would be showing her my appreciation for a long time to come. This made her smile and cry. That was ten years ago, and my wife is still going strong. Continue reading

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Going to a Singapore Design School to Become a Professional Photographer

Our daughter picked up a camera when she was barely able to hold it. The camera was one of those models that made instant prints. She was hooked from the first flash from the camera. She wanted to buy film for it every day. We bought her a nice digital camera to take as many pictures as she wanted. I think that one of the reasons she ended up in a Singapore design school is because of those early days of using an instant print camera and some film cameras we had. Digital photography was firmly established when she was a little girl, but her first experience with photography was instant prints and film. You have a limited amount of film in a camera, so you take your time with making your images. Continue reading

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It Was Probably the Funniest Prank We Could Have Pulled!

Our friend was on vacation in Alaska for a month, yeah who does that? While he was gone we thought it would be funny, and a bit outrageous to move all of his stuff from his apartment to a storage unit so he would think that everything was stolen. We were quick about it, had to be, because we thought of it last minute when he was on his way home on the plane. We were really fast, like a bunch of movers in singapore. There was a bit of a mess in the apartment, and we didn’t move everything, just the stuff that you would think someone would steal.

When he walked into his apartment that day he was in complete shock. Continue reading

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Our Dream is to Migrate to Canada

I have liked living in Singapore since I was a child. However, I have always longed for being a part of a very large space. In Singapore, land is a limited commodity, and we probably notice it more than those who live in very large countries. Our engineering of buildings is incredible. We put park-like spaces and huge swimming pools in our buildings and on their roofs. We want to experience these spaces, but we are all living on an island. My wife and I decided to migrate to Canada. We did it for the open land, the business opportunities and the educational opportunities.

We chose Canada because it is one of the most stable countries in the entire world. It does not have the political unrest and involvement in major turmoils that are going on in so many other countries. Their neighbors to the south are facing some major unrest among their political factions and their people. I want my family to have opportunity, but I want them to be safe and secure as possible as well. Canada seems like the best option for us. Continue reading

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Hack Your Ex-Girlfriend’s Snapchat Account

I am going to try to hack into the snapchat account that belongs to my ex-girlfriend because I want to see who she has been talking to and what she has been saying about me behind my back. My main concern is that she has been spreading a lot of lies about me, and I know that people are going to believe what she says in a lot of cases. I am checking out a snapchat hack that someon told me worked pretty well, but I am not really sure if I am smart enough to get it to work.

All of this is pretty confusing and I am not really sure why it is not more straightforward to do something like this. Then again, it could be that it is pretty easy for a lot of people, because I am not very good with computers in the first place. I need to figure out something that will work to achieve this goal. Continue reading

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It Was Helpful to Learn What I Wanted to Do Early on

I knew from a relatively young age what I wanted to be when I grew up. My dad was a civil engineer, and he had been taking me to work with him at times, ever since I was a young kid. I took an interest in what he did for a living almost immediately. My dad was one of the smartest men that I knew, and he had a lot of experience. They day that I got to watch some steel columns being fabricated was the day that my choice for a future career was sealed.

I had always liked dealing with numbers. I had a good head for them and dad does, too. Continue reading

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A Right of Passage for My Son

Quality time is very important. It is a basic necessity that is needed to keep a family together. I work very hard as a lawyer, but I always find time to have quality time with my family. I especially want to spend time with my son. My son just turned thirteen years of age. He is now in his early stages of becoming a man. I decided he was ready to go hunting and join the family tradition. I purchased my son a new rifle with ammo, an ammo carrier, and hunting vest. My son was ready to take his first steps into manhood.

The father-son hunting tradition has been in our family for generations. It his a staple in our family tree. Continue reading

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Getting Our Shop Ready with CCTV Cameras

When my husband and I decided to open a book shop in Sydney, we wanted to do everything right. We knew that we had the right location since it is near several schools and businesses, and what we are offering is more than just books. We also have a gift shop, a coffee shop, and a reading nook, making it the perfect stop for just about anyone. After we had everything set up, the last thing we had to do was find a company that does CCTV cameras in Sydney.

While it is a sad reality, it is also a valid one that we needed to protect our interests. We did not want any harm coming to either our shop itself or any of our customers or staff. Continue reading

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My Son Needed a Criminal Lawyer

My son is basically a good kid, but he does tend to make bad decisions from time to time, just like anyone else. One of those bad decisions nearly cost him his freedom, and he has since started making much better choices. I never thought I would have to hire a criminal lawyer in Sydney. I mean, the thought just never crossed my mind, because why would my family need anything like that? Well, when my son started hanging out with the wrong crowd, life changed for all of us. I tried to tell him they were not good choices for friends, but he saw what they wanted him to see.

When they asked him to drive them to a store last year, he thought nothing of it. He waited out front while the three of them went in. Continue reading

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I May Get Spoiled Living in Florida

When I graduated from college, I already knew I was heading to Tampa. The only time I had been to Florida was to interview for a job during my spring break. I was recruited even before graduation, and I was pretty excited at the prospect of such a great job offer at my age. I knew that I was going to be happy living in Tampa, but I first had to find a place to call home to do that. After a careful search, I knew that the the Marq Highland Park was the only place I wanted to call home.

Everything about Highland Park was really nice. The location is great, especially since it is not far from where I was hired to work. It is about so much more than just location though. The amenities are seemingly endless. The apartment that I picked out is a really nice and very spacious one bedroom. Continue reading

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A Criminal Caper Caught on Camera

A life changing event happened to me a few weeks ago, and I never would have guessed that my phone would play a key role in that event, or that I would have to rely on Snapchat Hacker. I was walking around one day while using Snapchat. While walking past a bank, I saw a group of masked men run from the bank and into a SUV. I took some pictures of the men, their SUV, and their license plate with my phone. When they started the SUV, the license plate changed. Right when I was about to take another picture of their new license plate, my phone’s battery died.

I ran home to charge my phone and when I turned it back on, the pictures I had taken were gone, because I took them all while using Snapchat. I received a news alert on my phone about a search for a group of bank robbers, who robbed the same bank where I took the pictures. The police were looking for any information that could help them catch the robbers, and I thought all of my evidence had gone away, but there was a way to get it all back.

I went to the police station and told them about everything I saw and what happened with my phone. The police told me that I could actually use a program to retrieve the pictures I took while in Snapchat. I ran the program and the police extracted the photos. The police ran the first license plate through their database and figured out exactly who the SUV belonged to and where to find them. They were able to track down the bank robbers and arrest them without getting into a firefight. I was given a reward for my help, and I used some of it to get a phone with a better battery.

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Getting Ready to Move to Orlando

I am getting ready to move back to Orlando and start to work at one of the big tourist destinations down there. I have been down there quite a lot, especially when I was in college. I knew a guy who was in charge of some of the hiring for Paramount’s theme park and every summer I would go down there. He is still down there and a lot higher up the food chain. He was looking for someone to help him out and even suggested that I go check out this place if I needed to have a place to stay. It is a brand new apartment complex. In fact the place does not seem to be open for renters just yet and I am wondering if the guy is getting some sort of finder’s fee for sending them business. Continue reading

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Fleeing from an Old Danger

For nearly 5 years, I had been running from my ex-husband. After filing for divorce, he became deranged and started following me everywhere. Even though I filed a restraining order, he would still follow me around. Eventually I packed up my things and move across the country to an entirely different state. I made a new home at the Altis Highland Park Apartments, and for a long time, my ex-husband was unable to find out where I was living. Somehow he found me again, but I don’t know how. I never told anyone else where I was moving, not even my own relatives.

My phone number was unlisted, and so was my address. Continue reading

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I Could Not Wait to Get Back to Where I Trained

I joined the military so that I could travel. My parents were not much into that when I was growing up, so when I was of legal age to join, I knew that the best way to see as much of our planet as I could without having to spend a lot of money was to join the Army. The place where I first went for training was in South Carolina, and I fell in love with it. I knew that one day, I would come back and look at Columbia SC apartments for rent when I was free to find a place of my own again.

After I love the city I had come to fall in love with, I was sent to Germany. It was a lot of fun to live there, and because I was single, I was able to stay there for only one year. If you are married at the time you are sent overseas, you get to stay two years. I was not that lucky. After my time was up there, I was sent back to the states.

When I came back home again, I was sent out to California, and was not in love with the area. It was far away from my family, and the life there was just not for me. I spent my remaining three active military years there. When I got out, I could not wait to move back to the SC again. I looked up the places they have for rent there, and loved the fact that the rent is less than half the cost of what it costs to live in California. I was able to find a little one bedroom place to live in a nice looking complex with no trouble at all. I was looking forward to my life as a civilian again.

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The Channels Are Greener on the Other Side

Having a cable subscription was one of the biggest mistakes in my life. I thought it was all smiles and rainbows, until I got the first bill. The bill was so high that I called the cable company to complain, and they explained that the bill was so high because of the installation fee, and that it would go down by the next bill. The next bill came and the bill was lower, but not by much. I was locked into their plan for a year, and after it was over, I got satellite TV by Direct TV.

At the end of my subscription, I figured anything had to be better than cable. Continue reading

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Don’t Let Region Locks Get Your Down

This is a trick I have to share with others. Whether you’re a resident in Canada or someone like myself who frequently visits this northern wasteland of ice, snow and maple syrup and you’ve yourself a Netflix account, you can’t miss out on this awesome site. Do yourself a favor and visit It’s going to show you how to setup a Blockless account which is another third party service which clones a DNS server for a specific region allowing you to knock on the Netflix server which will in turn give you access to American content or another country’s content. It’s all kinds of awesome.

I came up to Canada to visit some friends and had no idea that a region lock was in place. I mean, come on, there’s an invisible line on some map that somehow limits us from being able to access this content? This is especially annoying when you consider the fact that I’m from the United States and I’ve been paying for this service for years now. Why shouldn’t I be able to access the same shows that I was watching just the other day? It would be great if they changed how they do their region locks because I want to be able to watch my American shows and movies regardless of where I am.

I can’t possibly be the only customer who feels like this. There’s no doubt plenty of them who travel a lot because of family and for work. What if I start a show but find myself overseas for one reason or another for an extended period of time? It would be a serious bummer to not be able to finish that show and it’s the sort of action that makes a person want to pirate the content they’ve lost out on.

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Giving Teenagers Semi-Controlled Freedom on Prom Night

Prom night brings plenty of worries. Teenage boyfriends with teenage girlfriends are actually now at the bottom of the list for the worries parents have about prom night now. All parents fear their children experimenting with alcohol or even worse substances. Probably the biggest fear is prom night kids being involved in an automobile accident. They do not have to be drinking for it to happen. Texting and goofing around are distractions too. We bypassed the need for our daughter and boyfriend needing to drive on prom night by getting a limo at Continue reading

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Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block

Rolls Royce Personalization in the Goodwood Plant, UKIt’s a terrible thing to go through writer’s block. Every writer I know has gone through it, and it never gets any easier. It feels like you will never write again and you feel insanely jealous of anyone who ever finished a book. I had writer’s block earlier this week, and while I couldn’t write a word I was able to surf the internet to my heart’s content. I compiled a list of what can cure writer’s block; here are the things that worked for me this time.

First, try turning your work on its ear. If you are writing a mystery, put your characters into a romance. If you are writing a romance, place your heroine in a horror story. Don’t be serious about it; have a lot of fun with it. By switching gear, you might spark some new ideas. Continue reading

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Why Do I Want to Be an Author?

Sometimes it seems as if everyone is trying to write a novel these days. Whenever I go to a coffee shop, I see many people typing away on their laptops, trying to get their thoughts down on paper. Every week, many new novels and collections of short stories are published, and sometimes it can seem as if there is no point in adding yet another book to this endless flood. Nevertheless, I still persevere in my attempts to become a published author. Why do I keep working at this? Many people have asked me this question over the years, and I have tried to answer it as clearly as I can.

The most basic reason that I continue to write is simply that I do not feel as if I have a choice. Writing is not just something that I do for fun or when I am bored. Instead, it is at times almost a compulsion. Continue reading

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