A Criminal Caper Caught on Camera

A life changing event happened to me a few weeks ago, and I never would have guessed that my phone would play a key role in that event, or that I would have to rely on Snapchat Hacker. I was walking around one day while using Snapchat. While walking past a bank, I saw a group of masked men run from the bank and into a SUV. I took some pictures of the men, their SUV, and their license plate with my phone. When they started the SUV, the license plate changed. Right when I was about to take another picture of their new license plate, my phone’s battery died.

I ran home to charge my phone and when I turned it back on, the pictures I had taken were gone, because I took them all while using Snapchat. I received a news alert on my phone about a search for a group of bank robbers, who robbed the same bank where I took the pictures. The police were looking for any information that could help them catch the robbers, and I thought all of my evidence had gone away, but there was a way to get it all back.

I went to the police station and told them about everything I saw and what happened with my phone. The police told me that I could actually use a program to retrieve the pictures I took while in Snapchat. I ran the program and the police extracted the photos. The police ran the first license plate through their database and figured out exactly who the SUV belonged to and where to find them. They were able to track down the bank robbers and arrest them without getting into a firefight. I was given a reward for my help, and I used some of it to get a phone with a better battery.

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