A Right of Passage for My Son

Quality time is very important. It is a basic necessity that is needed to keep a family together. I work very hard as a lawyer, but I always find time to have quality time with my family. I especially want to spend time with my son. My son just turned thirteen years of age. He is now in his early stages of becoming a man. I decided he was ready to go hunting and join the family tradition. I purchased my son a new rifle with ammo, an ammo carrier, and hunting vest. My son was ready to take his first steps into manhood.

The father-son hunting tradition has been in our family for generations. It his a staple in our family tree. It was started by my great-grandfather Cecil in the late 1800s. He lived in the country and had to hunt for his food. He took my grandfather on the trip when he was thirteen. They were almost eaten by a grizzly bear. Luckily, my grandfather shot the bear and saved them both. For that point on, the men in our family always went hunting on the thirteenth birthday.

I remember when my father took me into the woods for my rite of passage. I was so nervous. I had never used a rifle or killed an animal before in my life. I was not sure if I really could do it. My father was determined to make a man out of me. He let shoot a deer with his rifle. I pulled the trigger and hit it on the first try. I was so proud that I made my father happy.

I hope my son will enjoy the trip that I have planned. I reminisce about the trips I took with my dad. I will never forget them. I want my son to have that same experience.

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