A Tourism Focused City with a Dark Secret

I clicked on learn more to get signed up for a security system down here in Orlando, Florida. I’ve only lived here for about three months and I’ve already been a victim of crime twice. Orlando has a rather dark secret that it tries to not talk about much: crime. Look up the city online and you’ll quickly see a plethora of articles about the out of control crime situation here. The numbers are terrible. Our rate is 114% higher than the nation’s mean and 94% higher than any place else in Florida. You do the math.

It’s odd because this city lives and dies based on tourism. You’re always seeing rah rah stuff about tourism and how great the city is and how we all need to work harder to get more tourists here. A week doesn’t go by where you won’t see an article about some tourist wondering into one of the war zones and getting assaulted, robbed, or worse. The city works hard to keep this stuff under wraps, but everyone knows about it. I tell tourists I meet about the places to avoid and I make it crystal clear why they should stay away.

I needed to take care of my own situation, though. After being robbed twice (I’m in a border area between a good part of town and one of the war zones), I decided to install a security system. I wanted the best, and I got it. Every part of my home is covered well by the system. An alarm goes off that is absolutely ear splitting if the alarm gets tripped. All the doors and windows are wired up. I’ve actually accidentally set the alarm off and I had a headache for three days from the noise! Anyone who thinks they can come in here and steal and get away with it is welcome to try!

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