Best Protection from the Elements

I decided to invest in a blitz vest seeing as how I’ll be visiting my brother in Michigan this year and we’re planning on heading up north to do some serious hunting and fishing. If you’ve ever been in Northern Michigan during the fall months, you know you’re in for wet and cold weather. I went last year and just about froze to death because I didn’t get the right gear. My brother had to loan me some of his cast offs just so I could survive on a day to day basis. It’s best to be dressed for warmth.

It’s also best to find clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. There’s nothing worse than trying to line up a shot on a deer only to discover that the heavy jacket you wore, over several layers of clothing, is now suddenly restricting your arm movements. I missed out on several good kills last year because I was wearing something that didn’t fit and restricted my arm movement. My brother basically cleaned my clock when it came to kills and you can bet I heard all about it while we were there and on the long drive back south.

This year I’m ready for him, however. I got a really nice blitz vest that is warm, keeps water and cold out, and even better I have full use of my arms. I wore it around town for several days just to see how it fits and how I move in it and the vest is perfect. It’s a nice camouflage pattern too which will blend in nicely in an autumn forest environment. I got the vest from an online retailer and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Soon it will undergo a real test and I expect it to pass with flying colors.

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