Building Our Business Quickly by Using a Pre-Engineered Metal Building

In less than a couple of months we went from figuring out what type of building we needed on our property to having construction begin when we picked from one of the pre-engineered metal buildings a company was offering. Everything from the air handling system to the interior use areas was planned and the materials delivered quickly. The construction crew worked fast and methodically. I was so happy to have our structure built before winter so we could occupy the space for use. I picked this company because they are the same company that provides buildings for the Marcellus shale natural gas development projects in the area where I live.

I am not talking about a steel shed. I am talking about pre-engineered metal buildings designed for human use. My wife and I are using it for a production facility for baking pet treats. We have a bakery that makes pet treats out of human-grade ingredients. We are actually inspected as a facility for human food products even though our market is mostly dogs. Our steel building is clean and easy to keep clean.

Since we are certified for preparing baked treats suitable for human consumption, we actually have people stopping by to sample carob and yogurt treats quite a bit. Some adventurous types even try the liver biscuits. I would not eat them even though they are made from stuff people can eat, but I just cannot stand the taste of liver. However, it is the carob and other confection-like treats that are a novelty with our human visitors.

Our doggy clients have various likes, and we have an area for customers where they can bring their dogs to romp indoors and sample our various treats. It is a real hit with our patrons. It is isolated from the prep area, so we have no issue passing our inspections. Our entire operation is contained in this metal building.

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