Commercial Insurance for Our New Business

When my husband and I decided to open up our own business, we split some of the important tasks up that had to be done before we could open our doors to the public. He took care of the majority of it, but there were some things he wanted me to handle. Finding an accountant was easy enough, and that left me plenty of time to look into the different Saskatchewan commercial insurance options that we had available to us. We knew that we needed to have insurance before we even opened our doors because without insurance coverage, one mishap could ruin our dreams.

Insurance is just a necessity in life. We have it for so many things in our personal lives. I have car insurance to protect me when I am in the car. I have life insurance to protect my husband should something happen to me. I have health insurance to help me if I am injured or ill. I have home insurance in case I get flooded or something else would happen there. There is just insurance for everything, and there are a lot of insurance companies too. That is why I wanted to take my time to make sure that the insurance company I chose is reputable and reasonable with their rates.

We wanted to be protected in every aspect, which included more than just if a customer would slip when in our store. We also needed insurance in case a major order did not come through, to protect our workers and ourselves, and so much more. I took my time looking at the different insurance companies that offer commercial insurance in our area, and that helped me to pick Henderson Insurance Services. I like that they are always there to help as well, which is one of the main reasons I chose them!

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