Don’t Let Region Locks Get Your Down

This is a trick I have to share with others. Whether you’re a resident in Canada or someone like myself who frequently visits this northern wasteland of ice, snow and maple syrup and you’ve yourself a Netflix account, you can’t miss out on this awesome site. Do yourself a favor and visit It’s going to show you how to setup a Blockless account which is another third party service which clones a DNS server for a specific region allowing you to knock on the Netflix server which will in turn give you access to American content or another country’s content. It’s all kinds of awesome.

I came up to Canada to visit some friends and had no idea that a region lock was in place. I mean, come on, there’s an invisible line on some map that somehow limits us from being able to access this content? This is especially annoying when you consider the fact that I’m from the United States and I’ve been paying for this service for years now. Why shouldn’t I be able to access the same shows that I was watching just the other day? It would be great if they changed how they do their region locks because I want to be able to watch my American shows and movies regardless of where I am.

I can’t possibly be the only customer who feels like this. There’s no doubt plenty of them who travel a lot because of family and for work. What if I start a show but find myself overseas for one reason or another for an extended period of time? It would be a serious bummer to not be able to finish that show and it’s the sort of action that makes a person want to pirate the content they’ve lost out on.

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