Excellent Quality for the Farmer’s Market

My husband and I looked into rs-160 certified scale reviews because we were thinking about buying one for our side business at the farmer’s market. We both work a farm and we learned very quickly that we could supplement our income generously by selling produce at the local farmer’s market. Our produce, I am proud to say, is a huge hit, but we quickly realized we needed a reliable scale. Not only would a great quality scale save us money, it is something that customers kind of expect you to have.

It is funny to see people coming up to our booth and asking how much a certain product weighs. You would think that if they were that concerned about weight, they would go to the grocery store. It isn’t a big problem if you are selling a sack filled with ears of corn, but with things like turnips, radishes, and strawberries people seem to get really concerned about how much they weigh. We realized we needed a shiny new scale so we could give these people an answer. We also realized we could make more money by not giving away stuff for free.

Both of us didn’t know much about the model we decided to buy, so we went online looking for reviews. We wanted to know about durability, accuracy, and usability. We didn’t want to shell out the money for the scale only to learn it wasn’t accurate or that we couldn’t learn how to use it effectively. Fortunately the site we found online offered up plenty of information that answered all our questions. We went ahead and got the scale and we both have to say it’s been a real hit. Other vendors there noticed and I’ve seen them setting up scales as well. We’re turning into a regular outside grocery store!

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