Fleeing from an Old Danger

For nearly 5 years, I had been running from my ex-husband. After filing for divorce, he became deranged and started following me everywhere. Even though I filed a restraining order, he would still follow me around. Eventually I packed up my things and move across the country to an entirely different state. I made a new home at the Altis Highland Park Apartments, and for a long time, my ex-husband was unable to find out where I was living. Somehow he found me again, but I don’t know how. I never told anyone else where I was moving, not even my own relatives.

My phone number was unlisted, and so was my address. My name was a pretty common name, so it wasn’t like my ex-husband could easily find me based on a list of people with the same name. Whatever method he used to find me, he was able to track me down. At this point, I was glad that I lived behind a gated community. The apartments were so secure that my ex-husband had no way of getting in to locate me. The gates were too high for anyone to climb over, and even if he tried, the guard would instantly come out to arrest him.

I informed the local police about my ex-husband and they agreed to arrest him on sight. One day while I was at work, my ex-husband tried to sneak in so he could wait for me to come back. While trying to creep through the opened entrance gate undetected, an alarm went off and the guards came rushing out. The guards captured him and held him until the cops came. The cops arrested him and booked and processed him. They had me come in to identify him and I confirmed that it was him.

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