Getting Our Shop Ready with CCTV Cameras

When my husband and I decided to open a book shop in Sydney, we wanted to do everything right. We knew that we had the right location since it is near several schools and businesses, and what we are offering is more than just books. We also have a gift shop, a coffee shop, and a reading nook, making it the perfect stop for just about anyone. After we had everything set up, the last thing we had to do was find a company that does CCTV cameras in Sydney.

While it is a sad reality, it is also a valid one that we needed to protect our interests. We did not want any harm coming to either our shop itself or any of our customers or staff. It was mainly that reason that we wanted it to be known that we have cameras. Criminals want an easy target, so they are not going to concern themselves with a small shop that makes it well known that all activity is being recorded. The last thing they want to do is make it easier for the police to track them down thanks to a digital image from the camera.

We have heard of businesses that have dummy cameras in the hopes of saving some money while still giving the impression that it is the wrong target for criminals. We did not want to go that route though, because we owed it to our staff as well as our customers to protect them as best as we can. We were able to find a company that has great prices on their camera systems. They sold us the package that was best for our needs, and they installed it as well. It is very easy to use all of the equipment, and I just pray that we never need to use what we capture on the cameras to help apprehend a criminal.

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