Getting Ready to Move to Orlando

I am getting ready to move back to Orlando and start to work at one of the big tourist destinations down there. I have been down there quite a lot, especially when I was in college. I knew a guy who was in charge of some of the hiring for Paramount’s theme park and every summer I would go down there. He is still down there and a lot higher up the food chain. He was looking for someone to help him out and even suggested that I go check out this place if I needed to have a place to stay. It is a brand new apartment complex. In fact the place does not seem to be open for renters just yet and I am wondering if the guy is getting some sort of finder’s fee for sending them business. It does seem like a very nice place from the looks of the web page. Of course I have a lot of things to consider when I am making this move. The new job is going to pay fairly well and it seems like it is a secure situation. In fact the job that I had back up North was not secure and that made it really easy for me to decide to come back down here. I miss the nice weather too and I still have a large number of friends living down here. What I am looking for right now is a place which is close to where I work at the theme park. That is not so easy, since there are not too many residential areas in that part of Orlando. I have looked into whether or not there are any houses around there that I can afford to rent. Right now I definitely can not buy.

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