Giving Teenagers Semi-Controlled Freedom on Prom Night

Prom night brings plenty of worries. Teenage boyfriends with teenage girlfriends are actually now at the bottom of the list for the worries parents have about prom night now. All parents fear their children experimenting with alcohol or even worse substances. Probably the biggest fear is prom night kids being involved in an automobile accident. They do not have to be drinking for it to happen. Texting and goofing around are distractions too. We bypassed the need for our daughter and boyfriend needing to drive on prom night by getting a limo at

What cinched it for us to choose this limo service is the professional and courteous drivers who also receive additional training to be able to safely handle prom attendees. We all know that kids can be unruly when parental supervision is not nearby. Even good kids let their hair down-so-to-speak-on special occasions. We want them to explore the freedom of what it is to be an adult, but we also want them to be safe and not do anything stupid that could get them hurt or killed.

We were not going to be sweating and worried for the whole prom night. That is why we hired a professional limo service. I spoke with the driver before he took the kids to the prom. I asked about his extra training, and I even gave him some specific instructions to call me if anything was amiss. I spoke to him days before the actual prom so our daughter would not be embarrassed. She does not need to know all of the things we go through to keep her safe and to help her thrive. She just needs to be the level-headed kid she already is moving about in an environment that is as safe as we can reasonably make it for her.

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