Going to a Singapore Design School to Become a Professional Photographer

Our daughter picked up a camera when she was barely able to hold it. The camera was one of those models that made instant prints. She was hooked from the first flash from the camera. She wanted to buy film for it every day. We bought her a nice digital camera to take as many pictures as she wanted. I think that one of the reasons she ended up in a Singapore design school is because of those early days of using an instant print camera and some film cameras we had. Digital photography was firmly established when she was a little girl, but her first experience with photography was instant prints and film. You have a limited amount of film in a camera, so you take your time with making your images.

I remember her waiting in the back yard for the late afternoon sun to get to just the right spot to take a picture of a flower. She would also use cardboard boxes to control the light and wind for her shots. She took her time and was learning graphic design elements because she only had so many pictures she could take with her film cameras. When we did get her a digital camera, we got her a pro DSLR. It was used and she was ecstatic to have it. We would rent lenses for her to use with it, and she won awards at her school photography competitions and even had them published in magazines.

We sent her to the Singapore design school to learn all the rest of the things she needed to know to make a career in photography. She was already making money shooting portraits of individuals and families, and selling some of her landscape and architectural images to business clients. This education would help her become a success in her own private photography business, and that is not an easy thing to accomplish nowadays.

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