Got a New Dog from the Pound

It was not the dog that I would have wanted, but it was not really my choice. Jeanie and I went to the pound and got just about the ugliest dog that they had, although to be fair it is a really sweet dog. In fact it is almost unbearably friendly. We have already spent a nice pile of money on it. The first thing we got were a box of dental dog treat things. It really needed them, because it had some seriously bad breath and the thing just absolutely loves to get right in your face all of the time. So you definitely want to have it’s doggy breath cured. We gave him a bath when we got home, although he did not really need it that much. Unlike a lot of dogs it seemed to enjoy getting a bath and I had no trouble. I have never really seen a dog that happy, most of the time you have to tie the leash to the soap dish.

At any rate the dog is incredibly happy. We had a small fenced in back yard to start with and the people who used to live here, they left behind a dog house that is shaped like an igloo. So far the dog will not go in it, but he likes to sit on the top of it and bark at birds and squirrels. He does not allow the other animals to walk on our grass. The squirrels have to stay in the trees and if the birds land on the lawn he goes chasing after them. I am guessing that he is going to eventually figure out that this is not all that useful, but he does seem to be having a grand old time doing it at this moment.

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