Helping Our Son Get to Where He Needs to Be in Physics

I could not just sit back and watch our son get bad grades in the sciences. He was convinced he could not learn the things he needed to know to get good grades. My wife and I set out on a quest to help him learn to appreciate and have a desire to learn more of the sciences. Since physics was his worst subject, and since it is in just about every science, we started there by getting him a highly dynamic tutor at

I know that a tutor that had a lot of passion for the subject I was lacking in really helped me when I was struggling in school. I pretty much owe my entire career to the motivation I got while learning from that tutor. I would not have the job I have now if it were not for the time and effort the tutor I had put into helping me advance in my understanding of the subject I was weak in. I needed a lot of help in mathematics, but I do quite well at it now. It is at the core of my job, and I find myself helping coworkers who struggle with some math. And to think that I had kids in my school call me a dummy when it came to math.

A lot has changed since I was a young man in school. I really struggled with math, and our son is really struggling with the sciences. Physics tutoring will help him in everything from chemistry to his actual physics class. I see no reason why he cannot advance to the point where he could be the next quantum physicist making discoveries of how our universe works. He just needs a little help right now. He has a brilliant mind, but just needs some help putting the puzzle together to see the big picture.

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