Hot Lattes and Muffins for Everyone

To celebrate the purchase of the new coffee maker that I found on Cuppabean, I decided to have a latte party for all of my friends. The best thing to have with a latte is a sweet pastry, so I baked some cranberry muffins to go along with the lattes. I usually have a party when I want to try out some new recipes. I found this particular recipe from a cooking show that comes on during the weekends. My friends always look forward to the parties that I have, because they usually get to try the great creations that I make.

There was one case where someone couldn’t eat the food that I made because of an allergy. I made peanut butter cookies, and this person had a peanut allergy. Luckily for this person, there were no peanuts in the lattes or the muffins, so they could enjoy them both. My friends ate all of the muffins and drank all of the lattes. I expected the muffins to be gone, but I didn’t think that they would finish off the lattes too. I had to go to the store and buy some more coffee so I could have some to drink for the next morning. The next time I have a party, I’ll be sure to double up on the coffee I have.

Every year during the fall, the coffee shop starts serving a pumpkin flavored latte to go with Halloween and Thanksgiving. I’ve only tried this latte a couple of times, but it’s pretty good. I would love to try my hand at making this latte with the new machine that I purchased. I could probably find a coffee pod that has that flavor, or I could made it myself by adding some pumpkin pie spice to a normal brew of coffee.

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