I Am Trying to Earn Some Money

I have been working pretty hard this summer and I still do not have quite enough money for the car that I want. I have been doing a good deal of work for this divorce lawyer in Salem MA. He has a bunch of rental houses in the area outside of Cambridge and he rents out to a lot of college students. It is a good thing that he has this old pick up truck and that he trusts me to drive it around. If he did not then I would be out of luck so far as his work is concerned. You have to be mobile to get from one place to the other and obviously having a truck is a huge help, since a lot of this requires that you move stuff around. Specifically I do lots of yardwork and that is fine with me really. I like working in the sun, although that is going to be gone with the change of seasons.

Obviously with the start of school I am going to have to make a new plan. The child labor laws pretty much apply to me and that means that I am not going to be able to work very much on the school days. You can not work late on much things and there are all sorts of jobs that you can not get at all. In fact most of those jobs are not going to be open for a 17 year old kid at any rate. They want someone who is going to be responsible and most teens are not really there. It looks like I am going to end up flipping burgers at a fast food restaurant I am pretty sure and there is not much else that I can see to do.

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