I Could Not Wait to Get Back to Where I Trained

I joined the military so that I could travel. My parents were not much into that when I was growing up, so when I was of legal age to join, I knew that the best way to see as much of our planet as I could without having to spend a lot of money was to join the Army. The place where I first went for training was in South Carolina, and I fell in love with it. I knew that one day, I would come back and look at Columbia SC apartments for rent when I was free to find a place of my own again.

After I love the city I had come to fall in love with, I was sent to Germany. It was a lot of fun to live there, and because I was single, I was able to stay there for only one year. If you are married at the time you are sent overseas, you get to stay two years. I was not that lucky. After my time was up there, I was sent back to the states.

When I came back home again, I was sent out to California, and was not in love with the area. It was far away from my family, and the life there was just not for me. I spent my remaining three active military years there. When I got out, I could not wait to move back to the SC again. I looked up the places they have for rent there, and loved the fact that the rent is less than half the cost of what it costs to live in California. I was able to find a little one bedroom place to live in a nice looking complex with no trouble at all. I was looking forward to my life as a civilian again.

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