I Just Got Back from New York

Of course I was not really keen to get on that airplane under the current conditions, but I could not see a way around it. I really did not feel like getting into a big squabble with my cousins over my great grandmother’s money, although I certainly would not walk away from what she decided to leave me. At any rate her family owned a farm on Long Island a very long time ago, but this is a place where they have not seen cows in awhile. This guy I talked started talking about premium tradingview indicators when I showed up, apparently he was like an ambulance chaser and he thought the money I expect to gain was worth chasing after. I had no clue what he meant or how he knew who he was. Later on I was told that he was there with one of my Aunt Cecily’s daughters.

Of course my great grandmother has a bunch of heirs, even though she outlived half her own children. She was 94 when she died and she was in great health up until about nine months ago, at least for a lady that age. Then she had a fall and never really came back from it. I saw her about 17 months ago and she told me what was going to happen when she died. She even told me which ones were going to fight the will and told me that she had fixed it so that they would regret it when they did, arranged it so they would have to pay for any lawyers who got involved in it. She laughed then, and told me that she had made sure my boys would have enough money for college. Of course she said they would have to stick with a reasonably priced school or go into debt.

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