I Just Started My New Job

Of course I would have been really happy if this job had come with a normal time schedule, but unfortunately this is a night job working to make sure that everything runs smoothly in an enormous factory. I really have discovered how much sleep matters now, because I have not been getting the type of sleep that you need to function properly and to be happy in your life as well. You need a lot of sleep to have everything work right and it is a lot better if you get a good sort of sleep, although I did a poor job of expressing it. I do not really understand it, but you want to get a deep sleep where you dream and I suppose that allows your body and mind to repair itself. I do know that I seem not able to get a good sleep in the day time. I go home around three in the morning now and it is usually around four before I am in the bed and then I do not sleep like you need to sleep.

The real problem comes when the sun rises, which is around seven in the morning around here. I always sleep on my side and so I would be facing the window. As soon as the sun started to shine through the blind. I always wake up almost instantly and then I have a real issue trying to get back to sleep. In order to sleep with my back to the window I had to spin bed around and put it on the opposite wall. However it seems that my walls are able to reflect enough sunlight to wake me up, although it is always about 9 in the morning, which is not quite as big of a deal to be honest.

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