I May Get Spoiled Living in Florida

When I graduated from college, I already knew I was heading to Tampa. The only time I had been to Florida was to interview for a job during my spring break. I was recruited even before graduation, and I was pretty excited at the prospect of such a great job offer at my age. I knew that I was going to be happy living in Tampa, but I first had to find a place to call home to do that. After a careful search, I knew that the the Marq Highland Park was the only place I wanted to call home.

Everything about Highland Park was really nice. The location is great, especially since it is not far from where I was hired to work. It is about so much more than just location though. The amenities are seemingly endless. The apartment that I picked out is a really nice and very spacious one bedroom. It has a washer and dryer, plus it has a dry cleaning service for the dresses and blouses that I cannot wash on my own. I thought for sure I was going to have to find a dry cleaner on my own, so that was a nice bonus.

I figured that just about any newer apartment complex has a swimming pool and perhaps even a gym, but the fitness center at the Marq is second to none. I knew that I would be able to have a great workout every morning before work because it is right there on the premises! The kitchen is a dream too, because I do enjoy cooking a lot. For those nights when I am too wiped out though, there are so many restaurants nearby that deliver. I have a feeling I am really going to enjoy living in Florida, and I may just get a bit spoiled too!

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