I Miss So Many Things About the Places Where I Used to Live

When I lived in Florida, oranges were very popular. There were many orange groves that sold fresh oranges right off the street to customers. When I lived in North Carolina, boiled peanuts were very popular. What I miss most is living in Texas are the walnuts that are a big deal, and I miss the ability stop by a local stand after work each night to buy walnuts from a local farmer. I live four states away now, and I hope to get back there again one day permanently so that I will be closer to my family members there.

I was talking to my mom on the phone one night about all of the places that I have lived and what I miss most about each place. She laughed when I told her that what I miss most about home are my family and walnuts. She said that she and my father would make sure to make a trip to see me this next Christmas, and that she would send me some walnuts from home. She reminded me that I could always order some online as well. She pointed out that one of my favorite farmers has a website. Well, of course, I wanted a care package from my mother, but after I ran out of the treats she sent me, I made sure to order online next.

I’ve always felt that being less sentimental about things would help me to be a far happier person than I am now. Being very sentimental means that much of my life is spent longing for things that I no longer have. It is hard for me to be away from my parents and the rest of my family. I often spend a lot of time keeping in touch with them by phone and email.

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