I Really Appreciate the Help I Get for My Mom

When I look back on a variety of things in life, I can’t remember a time when my parents talked to me about what we should do if they became incapable of living alone in their senior years. Dad suddenly passed many years ago, but my mom is still alive. She can’t live alone, so I let her move in with me. Someone who does home health care in Fort Lauderdale comes each day to help out. It really is working out nicely. It allows me to continue working, and having a caregiver come over daily helps to ensure that mom has company when I am at work.

I have always been close to my parents, however, mom and I have become even closer over the years. I guess it is because she no longer had dad to spend time with, so she soon started calling me on a daily basis. I have no complaints about either of those things. When I was married, my life was busy with taking care of many things that have to do with being in a relationship with someone, too. Over time, I noticed that something was a little bit off with mom. She began to forget many important things, and her short-term memory seemed to grow worse.

I decided to go out to visit mom for a couple of weeks. I was worried and wanted to see her up close and in person. When I got to her house, I learned that she was no longer taking care of the house. She was no longer cooking for herself either. She had trouble remembering to take her medications, too. I talked her into moving to my city, and she loves living in my house now. I hired a caregiver, and she comes over every morning and leaves right when I get home from work. She cooks for mom, works on crafts with her and so many more helpful things.

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