I Really Love It Down Here

I have been working here for a little more than seven months now, excluding a few weeks they sent me to do some app development in Singapore. It was a really big mess when I got there, but of course I was not interested in the mess they had to clean up. The guy there tried really hard to convince me to stick around, his IT department was an incredible mess which was one of his problems. Of course the big problem involved a lot of sex and embezzlement. How it got to where it was would depend a lot on who you ask, although no one ever asked the police to get involved since it would have been a really bad news story for the company. You do not want to let the shareholders know that you have high executives cheating on their spouses with one another and financing a lot of jet set lifestyle by stealing money from the company.

At any rate I really love it in Australia. I have a place which about five minutes walk from the beach and it seems like all the other tenants here are swimsuit models or least they are qualified for the job. My neighbor seems to not believe in tan lines. The first time I met her I was having my coffee on the balcony when she waved at me. At first I thought she might be completely naked, but she had on a swimsuit bottom of sorts. Of course I was trying to be cool, she reached over the balcony to offer her hand and introduced herself. Then she asked if I had extra coffee. The next thing I knew she and three other girls were knocking on my door. My coffee is not too bad at all, but they acted as though it were awesome.

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