I Wanted a Professional to Cut Down the Tree

My husband is able to do a lot of things, and there are other things that he thinks he can do when he gets around some of his friends. An example of the latter would be when my husband and his best friend thought they could take care of one of the trees that had fallen in our yard. It was just rotted from the inside out, and we knew that it was just a matter of time before it came down. As soon as I heard their plans, I did a search for tree removal in Nassau County.

I knew that if they even attempted, they would probably get hurt. The sad part is that they know this too, but sometimes they feel they have to prove themselves. Since part of the tree was still up and quite big, I did not want them anywhere near it. The tree service that I contacted was able to come out that same week, and they are the ones who took the tree down the rest of the way. There are so many reasons why I wanted them to do this over my husband and his friend.

The main one is because they know what they are doing. They have been professionally trained in what to do, and they also have the proper equipment. They had a bucket truck, the wood chipper, and enough guys to help that it did not take very long at all. They are also insured, which is huge. If my husband or his friend would have gotten hurt, then it would have been on our insurance, and we would have had to pay the high deductible. I don’t want anyone hurt, but I also didn’t want to be responsible for the bills if someone did. The tree is down, and now my husband can find something else to get in trouble with.

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