I’ll Never Have to Mow Again

For a guy my age, my idea of fun is not walking around outside in the hot summer sun with a lawn mower in front of me. Even when I was a younger man, I never really liked mowing the lawn. A riding mower would eliminate the need to push a mower, but I would still be out in the hot sun, sweating away. Instead, I opted for a better grass cutting alternative. After reading a Worx automatic lawn mower review, I was convinced that the future of lawn mowing was having the mower cut the lawn by itself.

The mower work in a similar manner to those floor vacuuming robots. The mower makes its way across the entire lawn, detecting and avoiding objects that may be in its way. When it has a low battery, the mower knows to come back to the charging station and rest while the battery charges. Some might call it a lazy way of cutting the lawn, but I think at my age, I’d allowed to be a little bit lazy. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the modern conveniences that have been invented by people who only want to make life easier for everyone.

On the first cutting, I had my standards set a little low. Since this was an automated device, I figured that there would be some hiccups here and there while the machine adjusted to the layout of the lawn. The automatic mower did a lot better than I thought it would. The cut was so good that I couldn’t tell the difference between what it did and my own work with a regular push lawn mower. It knew how to cut around my trees and even got close enough to my fence. The future is finally here.

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