It Can Be a Long Road to Recovery

When my daughter started high school, she was a happy, well-adjusted child. This did not change until the beginning of her senior year when she became friends with a new girl in school. I could tell she was a bad influence, but every effort I made seemed to make her turn further away from me. This went on for two years until she finally came to me and asked me for help. She had been taking drugs for several months at that point, and she knew she needed drug treatment for New Jersey residents.

The recent heroin epidemic really scared her, and she wanted to be completely off of all drugs. She was also getting concerned about some of the things her friend was doing, and she was doing her best to try and help her too. I was not about to turn my back on these two girls, and I was just thankful that my daughter had the ability to see where her life was heading if she did not get the professional help she needed. She knew that it was not going to be as easy as just not taking drugs anymore.

There was a reason why this intelligent girl started taking them in the first place, and that was what needed to be discovered. Otherwise, it was just something that had the potential to continue happening. My daughter was able to convince her friend to seek treatment as well, which was hard to do because her friend had already started using heroin. Though she was a bad influence, my daughter loves her friend, and she wants to see her conquer these demons as well. Thankfully, they went to different treatment facilities, because I think it would have been a lot harder had they been together. It was, and continues to be, a long road for her friend, but my daughter is doing amazing.

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