It is Sad when Decent Neighbors End Up Needing the Help of a Sacramento Criminal Attorney

Peer pressure is an awful thing. I barely fell victim to it for a couple of reasons. Mostly was because my mother and father told me to make my own decisions and not follow the crowd. They told me to stop and think and taught me how to say no. My neighbor’s son was a follower. He would have been okay if he had friends who were strong and upright. However, he did not. He got into a group that was strong, but predatory strong. This is why my neighbor had to hire a Sacramento criminal attorney.

The kids my neighbor’s son was friends with were escalating their crimes over time. It started with some petty theft. then it progressed to retail theft. Then they started to rob people at night on the street. We learned after the fact that they liked to target people who were on the wrong side of town doing stuff they did not want to get caught at. They would mug a man soliciting a prostitute. The person robbed would not report it, because then the person would have to explain to friends and family why they were mugged at the location they were mugged at. The same goes for people buying drugs. They would hit the clean cut kids and adults who did not want their reputations tarnished. They got away with this until they robbed an undercover officer.

Now my neighbor’s son is likely going to go to jail for the first time for a very long time. They are hoping that a good Sacramento criminal attorney will help him not have to serve the maximum sentence. They want to get him help, but he is an adult now. I cannot imagine what they must be experiencing. People blame them for how they raised the boy. I think they did the best that they could. The boy has always been like this even though the parents are not.

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