It Was Helpful to Learn What I Wanted to Do Early on

I knew from a relatively young age what I wanted to be when I grew up. My dad was a civil engineer, and he had been taking me to work with him at times, ever since I was a young kid. I took an interest in what he did for a living almost immediately. My dad was one of the smartest men that I knew, and he had a lot of experience. They day that I got to watch some steel columns being fabricated was the day that my choice for a future career was sealed.

I had always liked dealing with numbers. I had a good head for them and dad does, too. My mom has always said that she struggles with math of any sort, and she feels embarrassed about it. However, I know for fact that she is extremely intelligent in other areas, where dad and I are not so smart. I can only assume that my love of math came from dad, since he is the exact same way. And dad’s job involves a lot of math, so I knew it was perfect for me.

When I began going to college to get a degree, I had to work on a class project that deal with the fabrication of a steel column. The teacher stated that we would be tested at the end of the project, and all of the other kids groaned loud. I had to chuckle because I had learned from dad had they’re created and I was fully confident that I would ace the test and the project without any trouble at all. The rest of my schooling was pretty much this same way, and I feel lucky that I had a ball in my court thanks to everything I learned from my very own father.

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