It Was Probably the Funniest Prank We Could Have Pulled!

Our friend was on vacation in Alaska for a month, yeah who does that? While he was gone we thought it would be funny, and a bit outrageous to move all of his stuff from his apartment to a storage unit so he would think that everything was stolen. We were quick about it, had to be, because we thought of it last minute when he was on his way home on the plane. We were really fast, like a bunch of movers in singapore. There was a bit of a mess in the apartment, and we didn’t move everything, just the stuff that you would think someone would steal.

When he walked into his apartment that day he was in complete shock. His television was missing and his brand new couch set he had just purchased before heading out on vacation. I thought he was going to cry. “Who steals someone’s furniture?!,” he screamed when he seen it. We let him fume for awhile, as he rampaged through his house checking to see what else was ‘missing’.

When we finally spilled the beans, he was both relieved and pissed off. He laughed about it though, because he knew we were just messing with him. We even helped him bring everything back to his apartment. Well, really we brought it back for him while he watched us, because it wasn’t really fair to make him carry his own furniture back into his apartment after putting him through that horror.

Worse comes to work I can get a job as a singapore mover in my future, because I was really fast and efficient. I actually kind of enjoyed it, which I know isn’t always the case for people that actually do what their job requires. My luck I would get the job and then start to hate it after a week, but hey, I might lose some weight!

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