Modernizing a Family Business with New Machines

I’ve worked at my family’s company for more than 20 years. We make specialty sauces for local restaurants in the area. Our business produces a good number of products that are unique, and that local restaurants are always in need of. We have been looking for a way to modernize our production, so I have been put in charge of purchasing automatic liquid filling machines that we will be able to use to increase productivity and save on labor costs. Right now, the filling of our cans and buckets is all done by hand, which is extremely time-consuming. Automating these tasks would allow us to use our employees for other tasks, and streamline the production process.

When I first started exploring options, I decided to go around to other local businesses to see if they had any of these machines that they would recommend. One business in particular told me that I needed to visit the best manufacturer in town, because their business has been revolutionized by the machine they purchased. I asked him for the contact information including the web address, and he graciously provided it to me.

I went on their website to learn a little bit more about how their machines worked and whether I thought it would be a good fit for us. I learned all about their products, and that not only will their machines so your containers, but they have the ability to add lids and secure lids as well. This type of machine would save us so much time and effort. All I could think about while I was browsing the page was how slow the process is now, and how much easier it would be if we had one of these machines. We’ve been looking for a way to grow our profits, and I think that this is the solution.

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