Mom is Taking Care of Her Business

When my father was killed in a car wreck a year ago, it really worried my mother for a lot of different reasons. She had no idea how she was going to live out the rest of her years here without the love of her life beside her. Thankfully, he was a Christian, so she knew that this was just a short term separation. She was thankful that he had taken care of their finances, but she also knew that she had to do that from that point on. She contacted some elder law attorneys in Orange County to make an appointment after a few months of living on her own because she wanted to make sure she didn’t leave us scrambling should something happen.

She knew that there was a good chance she would not be able to live on her own as she gets older. Though she absolutely knew that my home as well as those of my two brothers were open to her, we also knew that she would never do that. She lived with her mother in law for two years when she and my father were first married, and she said she will never do that to any of our wives.

She wanted to make sure that everything was set in stone should something happen and she was not able to consciously make decisions on her own. She did not want us to have to make difficult choices, and honestly, that is something that we all appreciate a lot. She was able to find a law firm that handles elder care arrangements as well as other things. She had her will redone through them as well, and she is pleased that she is not going to be a burden for any of us. We all know that could never happen, no matter what!

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