My Dog is Really Hyperactive

Of course I think that he has some issues relating to socialization and that sort of thing. I have read that the puppy should stay with their mother for so long and learn how to behave from her. When a puppy bites the mother too hard it will bite back as a lesson to it. However Hershey’s mother was old and had a serious issue when he was born. They had to put her down. At any rate he has to learn stuff. I got him some custom dog socks to try to keep him from clawing everyone when he is playing with you. He has not yet learned not to jump up on people and there is not any sign that he is going to learn right now. I have been thinking about trying to send him to dog obedience school and wondering how much that would cost me. My brother thinks I should get one of those training collars. Obviously when they say training collar they mean that you train the dog not to do things by punishing it. The collar has a couple of batteries in it and a remote that looks like a tiny walky talky. So when you press a button the dog gets a shock and you try to make it associate that shock with whatever you do not want him to do. I did not know what to think about that, so I told my brother to put the collar on so that we could see if it really hurt or not. He did not really think this was the proper way to do it and instead he suggested that I wear the collar while he held the remote. In the end I put the collar on the palm of my hand and turned it on low. It did not really hurt, but I was not eager to turn it up.

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