My Son Needed a Criminal Lawyer

My son is basically a good kid, but he does tend to make bad decisions from time to time, just like anyone else. One of those bad decisions nearly cost him his freedom, and he has since started making much better choices. I never thought I would have to hire a criminal lawyer in Sydney. I mean, the thought just never crossed my mind, because why would my family need anything like that? Well, when my son started hanging out with the wrong crowd, life changed for all of us. I tried to tell him they were not good choices for friends, but he saw what they wanted him to see.

When they asked him to drive them to a store last year, he thought nothing of it. He waited out front while the three of them went in. When they came out running and told him to go, he did just that out of instinct. He could tell something was wrong with the way they were acting, and when several police cars pulled him over just a couple of minutes later, he knew that he was in serious trouble, even though he had done nothing wrong.

His so-called friends had not only robbed the store owner but had beaten him and a customer pretty bad too. They both required hospitalization, and it was touch and go with the customer for several days. The police were not interested in my son’s claims of innocence, which is why I hired the best criminal lawyer I could find. My son was guilty of bad choices, but he was not guilty of planning the crime nor carrying it out. Thankfully, the lawyer I hired was able to get the charges dropped, and my son was forever changed. He is much more careful now, and he also is studying law to help people who might make bad choices in the future, just like he did.

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