My Son’s Breakthrough Came Through Puzzles

My son has developmental issues. He is slower than most of the other kids his age in learning things, but he is slowly catching up to them because of the different things that I do with him. For me, I have found that making learning more about fun than actual learning is the key to his development. He is a typical boy who would rather be outside playing ball or riding his bike, so it was challenging at first for me too. When I bought him a children foam puzzle that came highly recommended in a forum that I am part of, I was not expecting the results that I actually got from it.

The puzzle is a foam puzzle, and the pieces are bigger than the traditional cardboard puzzle pieces. The puzzle is also designed to be put together on the floor. The mat it comes on is very durable, and the puzzle pieces are as well. The first one that I got for him was called Under the Sea, and it was all about the animals who live on the bottom of the sea. He found this concept so fascinating, and it helped him in so many ways.

First, the puzzle itself was helpful because it aided him with problem solving. He learned quickly how to recognize which pieces of the puzzle belong together. I thought it would take us days to finish it, and that was a very generous estimation. We actually had it done in less than two hours though, which is nothing short of amazing. The learning did not stop there though. He had so many questions about this new underwater world he had just discovered, and we spent many hours on the computer learning about everything from sharks and clams to coral and underwater plants. He has actually passed some of the other kids now, and I could not be more proud of him.

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