My Wife and Family Mean the World to Me

While I have always loved my wife, I think that I took advantage of how good she is to me for far too long. Yes, I needed to work really hard to support the us and our three children. But when I almost lost her to cancer, I realized that all the fine things we can buy due to my hard work are something that we don’t need as much as we need her. I began writing love poems for her and doing other nice things for her during her cancer treatment to show her how much she is appreciated and loved.

When I first began bringing home flowers, handing my wife a new poem that I had written for her and doing other things that she wasn’t used to, it made her a little sad because she said it made her think that she wouldn’t be around much longer. But I pointed out that she needed to get used to it because she was going to make it through treatment just fine and that I would be showing her my appreciation for a long time to come. This made her smile and cry. That was ten years ago, and my wife is still going strong. I have kept my word and still take time out for her to show her what she means to me.

My wife went through treatment for a year, and the kids began to change during that time. We rallied together and became even more strong as a family. I know that some people fall apart during those kind of trying times. I’ve known too many couples who have divorced because of the high stress that an illness can bring about. This is especially true when it comes to something like cancer. Each of us are even closer than ever now. We are a family that will be staying together.

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