Our Dream is to Migrate to Canada

I have liked living in Singapore since I was a child. However, I have always longed for being a part of a very large space. In Singapore, land is a limited commodity, and we probably notice it more than those who live in very large countries. Our engineering of buildings is incredible. We put park-like spaces and huge swimming pools in our buildings and on their roofs. We want to experience these spaces, but we are all living on an island. My wife and I decided to migrate to Canada. We did it for the open land, the business opportunities and the educational opportunities.

We chose Canada because it is one of the most stable countries in the entire world. It does not have the political unrest and involvement in major turmoils that are going on in so many other countries. Their neighbors to the south are facing some major unrest among their political factions and their people. I want my family to have opportunity, but I want them to be safe and secure as possible as well. Canada seems like the best option for us. I have visited there once. We have another relative who lives in a Canadian province. He and his wife own a house and several acres of land. I felt a peacefulness visiting their ranch that I have never experienced here on the island.

We are growing in population, and we are even expanding land out into the ocean. I am torn between the feelings I have for Singapore and my desire to see wide open vistas of sweeping land in front of me. I want to own a few acres of land in an area that is sparsely populated. My wife and I both love people, but we like to be able to retreat to a place of solitude, safety and rest. It is a dream, and Canada is our goal.

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