Our Training Will Be Better Because of the Video

I observed one of our training videos after I was made of a high turnover rate, and I was surprised that this had not been brought to my attention before. I have several people under me in the company I work at, and one person in particular was responsible for everything to do with training. The video was not only boring, but it was not very educational. It was no wonder the turnover rate was getting worse when people did not know what to do. I contacted a company that makes corporate video in Singapore, knowing that we had to get this video redone as quickly as possible.

Rather than delegate this to any of my managers, I decided to do it myself. I have worked my way up from being a call center representative, so I remembered how it felt to be at the bottom of the ladder. I wanted to show new employees not only what their job duties are but also that each and every one of them have the ability to move up the ladder if they want. I designed the entire training video myself before I contacted the company that I was going to use to take my ideas from paper and turn them into an incredible video.

I was able to talk with someone the same day I contacted them. The initial meeting took quite a while because there was a lot for me to explain. I figured it would take several tries for them to get the video exactly how I wanted, but they managed it in the first try. That is because when they reached a juncture where they did not know which way I would want them to proceed, they contacted me. That way, they were extremely confident of making the right kind of video. I have watched it alone and with my managers, and we all agree that we should notice a difference in our next training class because of it!

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