Over a Decade of Dedicated Service

The average air conditioner lasts around 10 years, give or take a few. This year my air conditioner stopped working after 13 years of service. The air conditioner before that had been in the house since I moved in it, which was in the 80s. First the air conditioner would produce less cool air with each use, until nothing but room temperature air was being blown through the vents. Then the air conditioner would leak in the garage. The air conditioner was beyond repair, so new HVAC installation in NYC was needed to get cool air coming out of the vents once again.

I had similar problems with the air conditioner in the past, but I was able to get a repair man to put some more coolant in it, and the temperature went back to normal. When the air conditioner got to the point that not even more coolant would make it produce cool air, I was better off using a fan in the window to cool off the house. When the temperature gets really hot in the middle of the day, the house feels like the inside of an oven.

The cost of a new air conditioner ate into my savings, but it couldn’t be helped. I wasn’t going to try to hold out for the rest of the summer with only fans to keep me cool, especially when the temperatures get close to 100 degrees. The cool fall air can’t come fast enough. I would rather sit in a home with a broken heater than one with a broken air conditioner. At least I can put on clothes and blankets to stay warm in the cold. In the heat, no matter how much clothing I remove and no matter how much sweat I produce, it still feels hot.

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