The Channels Are Greener on the Other Side

Having a cable subscription was one of the biggest mistakes in my life. I thought it was all smiles and rainbows, until I got the first bill. The bill was so high that I called the cable company to complain, and they explained that the bill was so high because of the installation fee, and that it would go down by the next bill. The next bill came and the bill was lower, but not by much. I was locked into their plan for a year, and after it was over, I got satellite TV by Direct TV.

At the end of my subscription, I figured anything had to be better than cable. There was no worse service that I could possibly think of to be paying for at the time. I looked online to find some good deals on satellite and found one for the provider in my area. I contacted them and they were eager to come to my home and set up the satellite system. They came the next day and got up on the roof to put my dish up. They ran some wires and then installed the box in my home to watch the channels.

All of that only took about an hour, and the rest of the day I was back to watching the same channels that I was getting from cable. The difference is that I wasn’t paying an arm and a leg to watch them. There wasn’t even an installation fee for me because the site where I got the deal for satellite offered me a credit that waived the entire fee. All I had to do was pay the monthly bill, which was much less than what I had been paying for my year service with cable. I even have some extra channels.

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