This is Nicer Than Any Rental House

I was happy about moving, but I was not so excited about finding the next place to live. I was happy because I was just not happy where I was anymore. The person who I had been renting my home from did not respond quickly when something would break down, and that was happening more frequently than I liked. When I nearly lost everything in my fridge because he wouldn’t come look at it the same day it broke down, I knew it was time that I started to look at apartments for Brandon FL.

I did not want to go back down the road of renting a house. I just did not trust that the maintenance would get done on one. I had always rented places that had the appliances already, so I knew that the apartments that I looked at would have that too. When I looked at the one bedroom units at the Overlook complex, I knew that it was perfect for me. I even got excited about something else, that I would be able to finally have a dog since they do allow pets there. I had always wanted one since moving here to Florida, but I had never lived somewhere where they were allowed before.

I used to turn my nose up at apartment living. I thought that having a house was just so much nicer, but I have since changed my mind. For the same amount of money, I am living in a much nicer place. I have not had anything break down on me yet, which is a record for me. I am not worried if something does though because the maintenance department here responds 24 hours a day, any day of the week. This definitely is much nicer than any rental house I have had.

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