Tiny Hitchhikers from North Dakota

When I came back from my trip to North Dakota, I discovered that I brought back some unexpected passengers. Somehow bed bugs had gotten into my bag and made a home in my home. I didn’t see any bed bugs in the hotel room I was staying in, so it was quite a mystery how they got into my bag. Regardless of how they got there, I had to get rid of them, so I looked for bed bug control for Phoenix immediately. I didn’t want the problem to grow so large that I would be forced out of my home permanently.

The pest control company came and sprayed all over my home to kill the bed bugs. I had to wash all of my clothes and sheets in extremely hot water to make sure that none of the bugs tried to hide in them. While the spray was doing its work, I decided to stay in another hotel. I looked all over my room to make sure that there were no bugs this time. I even asked the hotel staff to do a thorough cleaning before my arrival, because I didn’t want to reintroduce a problem that I was paying to be removed.

After it was safe for me to go back into my home, I left the hotel room and went back home. I didn’t see any more bed bugs after that day, and even the other bugs that would normally try to make their way into my home were nowhere to be seen. I think they might have all gone to my neighbor’s home, because he’s been talking about ants and spiders appearing in his home. I gave him the number of the company that I used, because they would probably be able to do some great pest control for him.

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