Trimming with a Better Machine

When I started growing cannabis buds, I trimmed by hand, but I got tired of that quickly. It was just so tedious that I wanted to find a short cut. I bought a machine to trim the buds, but this machine was so rough with them that it turned everything into complete mush. I thought the machine was defective, so I got another one from the company, and it did the same thing. After getting a refund from the company, I looked for a better cannabis trimming machine that would do the job right the first time and not leave me with mulch.

The problem that occurred from using a machine happened because I didn’t put any research into what I was purchasing. I just bought the cheapest thing I could find and hoped that it would work, but things didn’t turn out how I wanted. You really do get what you pay for, because a more expensive machine would have used a different method to trim the buds than the one I bought. It had a simple tumbler, but many people who have used machines before will agree that better mechanisms can be used for trimming buds.

The new trimming machine that I purchased was no joke. This thing trimmed my buds the right way, and save me plenty of time. Now if only I had more space to grow cannabis than I do now. I’m simply using the area in my backyard to grow it, but that’s already limited because of trees and the other plants I have growing back there. I like to grow my own fruits and vegetables, and they take priority over everything else because I need to eat food to live. Maybe I can buy some land from someone else to grow the extra buds.

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