Ways to Deal with Writer’s Block

Rolls Royce Personalization in the Goodwood Plant, UKIt’s a terrible thing to go through writer’s block. Every writer I know has gone through it, and it never gets any easier. It feels like you will never write again and you feel insanely jealous of anyone who ever finished a book. I had writer’s block earlier this week, and while I couldn’t write a word I was able to surf the internet to my heart’s content. I compiled a list of what can cure writer’s block; here are the things that worked for me this time.

First, try turning your work on its ear. If you are writing a mystery, put your characters into a romance. If you are writing a romance, place your heroine in a horror story. Don’t be serious about it; have a lot of fun with it. By switching gear, you might spark some new ideas. You might even end up using elements of the fake story in your real story.

Next, try a writing prompt. There are all kinds of writing prompts out there, and sometimes it gives you the chance to formulate some thoughts based on something you didn’t write. That thought may be the thought that gets you thinking again.

Lastly, just forget about writing altogether. If it’s not coming, it’s not coming. You will write again, even if you don’t feel like you will. Take a walk. Go and play with an animal or some children. Enjoy some ice cream. Spend a few minutes lifting weights. That will clear your mind and give your mind a mini-vacation. That might be just what you need.

Writer’s block is something that happens to all writers. Just relax and know it will pass. Use the tips here to help you, and be secure in the knowledge that your spark will return soon. Even sparks need time off!

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