We Have Something in Common

I had a bad date with a girl who did nothing but look at her phone the entire time that we were together. I got so annoyed with her that I started looking at my phone to browse betting sites, and she didn’t even notice until the end of the date. Once she did, she got mad with me for not paying attention to her, when she had been doing the same thing. I told her that she was nothing but a rude hypocrite and that I didn’t want to go out with her anymore. Oddly enough, she called me later that night to apologize.

I told a friend of mine about the date and he said that I should go out with her again. I initially wasn’t going to after how rude she was, but since she did try to apologize, I decided to give her another shot. It was a good thing that I gave her another chance, because I had so much more in common with her than I realized. When she was on the first date with me, she was looking at the same sites that I was and I had no idea. She liked to bet on the same games that I did. It was interesting that we never played against each other in the games.

I wanted to see just how good my date was at playing poker on the sites, so I challenged her to a game. It was kind of funny to be sitting right next to a person to play a game of poker, but without any actual cards present. I made a bet with my date that if I won, I would get to choose what to do for our third date, and if she won, she would get to choose. I won, so I chose a movie date.

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