You Need to Find the School That Works for You

What is the best truck driving school is a question I’ve heard a lot from people looking to break into the industry. I heard it from my nephew just last month. He’s looking to get his CDL and drive for a couple of years to save up for school and thought I could help get him situated since I’ve been driving for years. The problem is that I couldn’t help him with his question. I never went to a school. I worked on the docks for a company and one of their drivers taught me everything I needed to know in the parking lot.

Nowadays, it’s a different story. Companies want you to have the credential that an accredited trucking driving school can bring to the table. I’ve known a few younger guys who came into the business the last few years, a few of whom drove with me for a few weeks to make their bones before going out on their own, and they didn’t talk about the schools that much. They learned what they needed to learn. The real experience comes out on the road anyway. Still, it’s important to do research on a school before signing up.

Schools cost money and like anything else there are people out to make a quick buck. Some schools don’t provide much for what they charge. Even worse, they don’t have connections in the industry which means you’ll come out of the school with a piece of paper and few prospects for employment. The best advice is to do a lot of research online and look for schools that talk about placement of students with good companies. Try and verify that and, if you can, you’re probably good to go. You can make a great wage in this industry if willing to work hard and use your head to find good employers.

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